Hiring: Lab Technician

We are hiring a lab technician to work on combating RNA-regulated antibiotic resistance mechanisms. Job duties will also include training new undergraduate and graduate students and maintaining lab inventory. The ideal candidate will have experience cloning or at least some of the techniques involved: PCR, DNA purification, gel electrophoresis, bacterial transformation, primer design, etc. Job will start when we can get back into lab. Click on link to apply.

Lab Technician position (Job ID: 8878)

Official job posting also accessible from the CSUN careers website under “External Applicants”. Search by Job ID: 8878

Stephanie joins the lab!

The Takahashi lab welcomes Stephanie Alvarado! Stephanie is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Health here at CSUN. She has a B.S. in Biology from Ohio State University and a M.A. in Education from CSULA. Stephanie will be helping getting the lab up and running and looking into new strategies to combat antibiotic resistance.

Here is a picture she took with Dolly the sheep. Welcome Stephanie!